Research and development at the core of the Resiline products

How Resiline came about

Resiline has a team of product development scientists with unparalleled knowledge and a combined industry experience of 94 years.  This enables Resiline to develop innovative and unique materials to meet the demands of the water pipe lining industry.

The team’s objective was to create a material that is better than anything else in the market or that has gone before.

Following the withdrawal of key players from the water utilities market to provide pipe lining coatings, Resiline has developed a new and improved mains lining material for spray in place pipe lining.

Key individuals

Expert technical consultant, Ian Robinson, who has previously developed the first and second generation rapid setting lining materials.

Geoff Hopkins has extensive experience in the water industry working for a number of leading water utilities, lining companies and also approval authorities.

Where we export

Resiline can export to over 50 countries worldwide and has contractors and technical advisers on every contintent.

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