Product Summary

Innovations and key benefits of Resiline 320

What makes Resiline 320 the next generation in pipe lining?

Product innovations

Here are some of the key innovations which sets Resiline 320 apart from any other product which has gone before:

  • Novel filler technology substantially reducing water absorption which causes plasticisation and reduces critical physical properties
  • Avoidance of exotherm spike – avoids a rapid high spike in exotherm on initial application and cure. This minimises shrinkage and associated risk of cracking
  • Product durability of 50 years* 
  • Resistance to vacuum collapse** 
  • Aliphatic isocyanate based material (polyurea)
  • BPA and VOC free
  • Does not foam and is tolerant of moisture or water ingress 
  • Rapid return to service time of 60 minutes 
  • Demonstrates excellent adhesion
  • Increased lining thicknesses can allow joint profiles to be coated

(*Accelerated aging testing underway)
(**Subject to sufficient lining thickness)

Product benefits

Outlined below are some benefits of Resiline 320.

The product:

  • can be used as a corrosion barrier lining
  • can provide enhanced hydraulic performance 
  • can provide structural enhancement to the host pipe
  • has the ability to return to service within 60 minutes
  • allows CCTV after 15 minutes from end of lining
  • has enhanced build capability – film thickness of 1-3mm in a single pass
  • minimised water absorption – reduces plasticisation and loss of physical properties


Resiline 320 is NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 2018 approved.

It also has BS 6920: 2014 which means the product is suitable for use with water intended for human consumption.

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