Sewer, Wastewater and Non-Potable pipelines - Resiline 330

Innovations and key benefits of Resiline 330

Resiline 330 is a Hybrid Epoxy coating for use as a Spray in Place Pipe lining in sewer, wastewater and non-potable water pipelines.  Resiline 330 can also be hand sprayed in manholes and other associated infrastructure.

Resiline 330 Product innovations

Here are some of the key innovations which sets Resiline 330 apart from any other product which has gone before:

  • Optimized for ease of application through approved lining rig and spin cast application
  • High impact and excellent abrasion resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance to hydrogen sulphide, sulphuric and nitric acids
  • Specifically designed to be tolerant of early immersion prior to full cure been achieved
  • Provides a smooth low friction surface for reduced pumping costs and reduced surface build-up of Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG)
  • Tack free for return to service after 3.5 hours @20c
  • Demonstrates excellent adhesion
  • Increased lining thicknesses up to 6mm in a single layer


Resiline 330 Product benefits

Outlined below are some benefits of Resiline 320.

The product:

  • can be used as a corrosion barrier lining
  • can provide enhanced hydraulic performance 
  • can provide structural enhancement to the host pipe
  • has the ability for same day return to service 
  • allows CCTV after 2 hours from end of lining
  • has enhanced build capability – film thickness of 6mm in a single pass


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