Product Application

Advantages of using Resiline 320

Application characteristics

  • H&S risks lowered – Resiline 320 is not classed as corrosive and the lower application temperatures decreases the H&S risk
  • The product is easily pumped and therefore provides a superior application
  • Avoidance of exotherm spike – avoids a rapid high spike in exotherm on initial application and cure.

Lining applications

  • Resiline 320 can be used as a corrosion protection coating for the internal rehabilitation of pipelines irrespective of the material of construction
  • Resiline 320 can be applied to a range of pipe diameters ranging from 4″ (100mm) upwards*
  • Linings from 40 mil (1mm) minimum thickness up to 120mil (3mm) thickness can be applied in a single pass operation
  • Linings up to a maximum thickness of 9mm may be applied in multiple passes

*NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 approval

How Resiline Works

Cleaning of the pipe by drag scraping

Plunge to remove debris

CCTV to check the pipe is clean and dry

Spray lining

CCTV with the pipe as blue

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