Resiline taps into global water industry with the launch of a revolutionary mains lining

A UK specialist coatings manufacturer has developed a new product that it believes will revolutionise the global water industry.

Resiline has just received NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 2018 approval for its Resiline 320 product from international test laboratory ALS Truesdail, and will be launching it in the US in the coming weeks.

It has been created by a team of product development scientists with unparalleled knowledge, and a combined industry experience of 94 plus years. Resiline 320 has been specifically developed for companies renovating existing water mains networks via “in situ” pipe lining (SIPP).

This method, also known as spin cast lining, is a cost-effective and efficient solution in comparison to traditional pipe renewal methods where the old mains are excavated and replaced with new pipes.

In situ mains lining reduces disruption to road users and pedestrians due to the minimal excavation technique, and service pipes to individual properties are not affected.

When used with in situ pipe coating and spray application equipment, Resiline 320 provides a quick, reliable and long-term solution. It has an anticipated 50 plus year lifespan, can be used as a corrosion barrier lining or to provide structural improvement to the main and has the ability to return to service within an hour.

Resiline’s MD Matthew McDonnell said: “Following the withdrawal of key players from the water utilities market to provide pipe lining coatings, we recognised there was an opportunity to create a new mains lining designed specifically for ‘spray in place pipe lining’.

“We set out to develop a product that would improve water quality, the hydraulic performance of the main, reduce leakage, decrease repair frequency and improve supply reliability and network resilience. And with Resiline 320 we have achieved all of these.”

He added: “Having NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 2018 International accreditation is fantastic news and means we can now launch it to those countries which recognise this water treatment standard, which include America, Canada, and a number of other countries.

“Another plus point for Resiline is that we have the ability to export it to more than 50 countries worldwide and have contractors and technical advisers on every continent.”

Further information about Resiline and Resiline 320 is available on its website found at